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Actually, I felt sorry because we don’t have enough money to pay INFINITE but they kept on saying no problem because they love what they do and they will give their best. They don’t have a lot of clothes for their first concert but they practiced a lot to make their fans happy and proud.
- Lee Jung Yeop, CEO (via infinitelyrainbow)
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I thought I worked hard in school. 

Then they told me I wasn’t good enough so I had to wait on a list with hundreds of other dejected kids.

Then they told me I wasn’t smart enough for a big merit scholarship.

Then they told me that I’d still have to take out $20k in private loans per year.

Then they told me that getting a good education was the only way to become successful.

I thought I worked hard in school.

But no matter how many international competitions, community service projects, all-nighters, 9 class schedules, a shit ton of extracurriculars or 6:30am study sessions I’ve had, I would still never amount as much compared to the kid with the higher GPA. 

It’s funny how I feel like I’m being punished for pouring my time and effort for four years of commitment and not ending up with anything. 

College is like that douche bag of a pimp that convinces people that no one loves them and then starts to build them up by saying that they’re the only ones who they can rely on and trust.

I know I have it a lot better than everyone because my EFC is so damn low and FAFSA is dragging my butt along, but still.

I feel like crap now because I’m feeling so damn entitled to something better and I hate feeling that way.

But shit man. I worked so damn hard. For this?

I shall post more! I promise! :) <3 *cough after I get my life together lol 

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i heard naruto is based on a true story

I don’t think everyone knows just how powerful a fictional book can be.


people who can decide where to put stickers must really have their life together

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